Our Mission

The Creek Week cleanup aims to bring the Fountain Creek Watershed communities together to foster the health of our local waterways for its citizens and wildlife alike.

A watershed is a region that drains into a river, river system, or other body of water. John Wesley Powell, the 19th century geologist and explorer, described a watershed as:that area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community.



To achieve and sustain a healthy Fountain Creek Watershed.

Join the Steering Committee

Shoot us an email at creekweeksoco@gmail.com with your contact information and why you are interested!

Our Team

Scott Abbott
Committee Member
City of Colorado Springs Parks

Nancy Bernard
Committee Member
El Paso County Parks, Fountain Creek Nature Center

Amy Brautigan
Committee Member
Concerned Citizen

Jerry Cordova
City of Colorado Springs Water Resources Engineering

Corrie Egli
Committee Member

Ramsey Knowles
Committee Member
Colorado Springs Utilities

Jim Lockhart
Committee Member
Pikes Peak Sierra Club

Christine Lowenberg
Committee Member
Lowlands LLC.

Dana Nordstrom
Committee Member
El Paso County Parks

Kimberly Reeves
Committee Member
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Konrad Schlarbaum
Committee Member
Pikes Peak Community College

Allison Schuch
Program Director
Watershed Outreach Coordinator

Kristin Wehde
Committee Member

David Woolley
Evil Wizard 

Scoopy the Clean Water Dog
Committee Member
Concerned Pooch/Colorado Springs Utilities/ Fountain Creek Watershed District

Eli the E. coli
Committee Member
Concerned Bacterium/Colorado Springs Utilities/ Fountain Creek Watershed District

Cari Hanrahan
Committee Member

Maggie Gaddis
Committee Member
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Beth Austin
Committee Member
Catamount Institute

Jamie Valdez
Committee Member
Fountain Creek Water Sentinels Vice Chair

Samantha Bailey
Committee Member
Environmental Planner, PPACG